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What Happens When A Congressman Retweets A Neo-Nazi


Good morning! A technical glitch with our email sender meant today’s earlier edition misdirected the links. We apologize for the inconvenience, and the corrected version is below! Thanks as always for being loyal readers.

WHEN A CONGRESSMAN RETWEETS A NEO-NAZI Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has been endorsing tweets from a guy who rants about Jews and the fall of Western civilization. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

REMEMBER THE HEPATITIS A OUTBREAK LAST YEAR? NOW, IT’S SO MUCH WORSE Cases of the potentially deadly liver disease have nearly doubled as outbreaks spread nationwide. [HuffPost]

EVEN SCOTT PRUITT’S MENTOR IS THROWING HIM UNDER THE BUS In his defense, the mounting pile of corruption scandals involving the EPA chief will do that to you. [HuffPost]

A MOTHER SAYS AUTHORITIES TOOK HER BABY AS SHE WAS BREASTFEEDING AT AN IMMIGRANT DETENTION CENTER Approximately 1,800 families have been torn apart since October 2016. [HuffPost]

THE GRENFELL TOWER WAS LIT UP GREEN TO MARK THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Of the fire in the London apartment building that killed 72. [HuffPost]

MEET THE 28 “I started jotting their names down after the storm,” Temple says, referring to Hurricane Katrina. “My manager would call and say, ‘Jube, you hear about your ballplayer who got killed?’ I’d say, ‘Who?’ He’d say, ‘Tyrone.’ He’d say, ‘Jerry.’ He’d say, ‘Lil’ Nathan.’ All of a sudden, I end up with a list of 10 of them, then 14, then 16, 17, 18. I’m like, something ain’t right here.”  [Nola]

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