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Jim Parsons Kept Cleanshaven During COVID-19 Fight For 'Morbid' Reason

Actor Jim Parsons said he shaved every day during his weekslong illness with the coronavirus for what he freely admitted was a “morbid” reason.

“The Big Bang Theory” star told Seth Meyers on Thursday that he wanted to look well groomed if he ended up hospitalized.

“Partly it was because I felt better when I was cleanshaven and partly ― and this is so morbid ― I thought that if I have to be rushed to the hospital, I want to look like I’m trying,” he explained. “I want to enthuse people to come to me and to help me.”

“That’s so morbid,” the actor acknowledged. “I don’t mean to make a joke about that. But that was my life, so I think it’s free rein for me.”

He was sick for around six weeks with the “mildish case,” he told Meyers, citing other symptoms of a fever and chest pressure. At least 50% of his “pain,” he added, was from anxiety and fear of the virus. 

Check out the full interview above.

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